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Apo Island Beach Resort
Apo Island, Dauin, Negros Oriental, Phillippines

035 421 2271 (Globe)

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What guests say about Apo Island Beach Resort

"i've been in apo island way back in 2003.. it's such a wonderful place and i have many memorable moments during my stay.. i wish to go back there someday.."

lecks (cebu city)

"Hoping to held our family reunion in your resort this summer...."

Al (Dumaguete City)

"I stayed at Apo Island Beach Resort about 5 years ago and found it very comfortable and welcoming. The rooms were comfortable and clean and a stones throw from the water on a coral chip beach. The staff helpful and friendly. The scuba diving around the island was world class/sensational with a huge variety of corals and marine life. I loved every minute of my stay there. The villagers on the island will share their beautiful smiles with visitors anytime. It's well worth a visit. Best wishes, Caroline"

Caroline Crossman (Australia)

"Fell in love all over again in Apo and with Apo Island. Been coming back now 3 years in a row :)"

Irla (Manila)

"[Translated from French] Arrived in small banca on the opposite shore because the waves were too high, passed through the village in the rain, counting the waves to cross at the right time to the beach before passing the narrow passage between the rocks and, finally, discover my destination when I left Switzerland 2 days instead. The simplicity of the place, near a village and so beautiful and relaxing do not leave me indifferent. Came tired, I came away refreshed after spending nearly two weeks. The team dive, the boats crew and staff resord were all wonderful and will remain in my heart for very long. For my stay relatively long in one place, reveals that the menu card is a bit too small and I regretted not being able to better enjoy the various culinary possibilities of the Philippines. The high quality of the fauna and flora underwater bear done everything, even the relatively cold shower in the evening! I look forward to return and that, without too much trouble finding the location on exploited for tourism. Provided that the environmental protections put in place are good economic pressure ... Thank you all for your warm welcome super! Bernard (Written from Switzerland, because he had rushed from the island to avoid bad weather)"

Bernard Schuppisser (Switzerland)

"I made a quick trip to Apo Island from Moalboal last week here is a quick report of the trip, I have a very short (1minute :46seconds) on vimeo if you’re interested in looking at it.. APO on Vimeo it just takes some time to least with my slow connection.. I left Moalboal early Tuesday morning and after a short wait at the Moalboal Ceres bus stop I boarded an economy bus for Bato, the ticket was 70P. After a hour and half bus ride I arrived at the Maayo Shipping terminal and transferred to an Air conditioned Bus which would eventually take me all the way to Malatapay this ticket was a grand total of 60P, the break down was 30 to Dumaguete and 30 to Malatapay. I also had to pay 70P for the 7Km crossing between Cebu and Negros the ferry ride took about 45 minutes. Once I arrived in Malatapay and got off the bus it was a 400 Meter walk to the Malatapay pier. The standard round trip fare between Malatapay and Apo Island is 1700P per boat load. I have no gripe with paying the 1700P but I had to wait for an hour and a half or 90 minutes for a ride to APO and that was an incredibly long time when I could see Apo off in the distance especially knowing the reefs were waiting for me. IF there would have been a boat readily available when I showed up I could have gotten to Apo by 1:15 and done an afternoon dive but as it turned out I arrived on Apo at 2:30 and after checking in at the Apo Resort it was already 3:00PM and too late for the afternoon dive. So I drowned my sorrows in a couple of Pilsens and all was forgotten. The Resort I stayed at was the Apo Island Resort. It is a nice place, the only issue being they only have power from 6:00PM till midnight. This is actually 2 hours longer than the rest of the island. I stayed in one of the 4 Golden Cowrie rooms which was right on the beach and had a great view and breeze which is very important especially in view of the fact that there is no A/C or electric fan after the power goes off!!! The rooms are reasonably priced, published rates are 1800P to 2500P depending on the location that price is for 2 people, and extra beds are 500P Ea. If you want more info you can check them out at Apo Island Beach Resort - Home Each time I have stayed in Apo I have dived with people from all over the world, this time there was a couple from Montana USA but I was sharing the boat with three local Divers Dumaguete from , all young ladies who were taking their Advanced Course from the resident Instructor Rene Juntereal. It was obvious to me that they were enjoying the course…. Rene is an experienced NAUI instructor who has been active in the Philippine Dive industry for a number of years. He splits his time between Apo, Siquijor and Dumaguete. The published rates for diving are $25 US for boat dives inclusive of gear or $20 for boat dives if you bring your own gear. This is the first time in 10 years that I have used rental gear and I was pleasantly surprised to find all of the rental gear to be less than 6 months old and in like new condition. I was also happy to find the compressor in great shape and the fresh air intake well away from compressors exhaust muffler. The boat that we used was named the Apo Adventurer, it was in great shape and the Captain and Crew were all very helpful during my entries and exits….. The facility has two dive guides, in fact they are brothers Keken and Ronel. I‘ve dove with both of them, this time I was teamed with Ronel and he provided me three good tours… I made three dives during my short stay, 2 boat dives and one shore entry night dive at the house reef. The dives were all very good, I saw more sea turtles during my first dive at Chapel than on any other dive I have ever made, we counted 8 different turtles and I am 95% certain that there were no repeats…, also saw the blue ribbon eel and several large morays including a giant moray. The second dive was at Momsa during this dive I saw a couple of very large Bumphead Parrotfish, and Brown Marbled Groupers. I have not addressed food yet, so I will make it short and sweet I have stayed at this place several times and I have never had a bad meal!!! The meals are reasonably priced in fact many guest of the only competing resort on the island make their way over to The Apo Island Resort for drinks and meals…. This time my meals consisted of Chopsuey, Curry Chicken and the regular breakfast fare and it was all very good... The other times I have stayed there I have gone for the more exotic fried or souped fish or even the Kinilaw (fish which gets cooked in lime juice and vinegar) a dish similar to the Keliguan dish served in the Marianas Islands. Again no complaints on the food…… Drinks are reasonably priced and the beer stayed acceptably cold. So if you’re thinking about taking a trip to APO Island and staying at the same resort the following pros and cons can help you make up your mind.. Cost: Reasonable, especially for the quality and cleanliness of the facility.. Unless you’re on a backpacker’s budget you should not find this place too expensive….. Food: Pro: tasty, reasonably priced Con: don’t always have everything in stock. Amenities: Pro: Million Dollar view from your room, comfortable beds, nice outdoor seating area for each room, comfortable bar and restaurant. Con: No running water everything is accomplished using large water containers in your bathrooms. So you have a large container of Fresh (bathing) and Saltwater (flushing). No potable water, you must buy bottled water. Diving: Pro: Many choices, great visibility, pristine corals and reefs. I think it easily qualifies as one of the top ten dive destinations in the Philippines. Con: governmental imposed dive fees. I would like to see some evidence that the fees we pay are used for a good purpose. What I mean by that is I would like a sign pointing to some of the things the fees have bought and paid for, or maybe a brochure that outlines the same. Misc: Pro: very friendly local residents and staff. Able to lose track of time while on the island. Con: less than optimal administration of the boats between Malatapay and Apo. In my opinion this is the most expensive short boat ride I have taken in the Philippines including the underground river tour on Palawan and perhaps the least professional. Recommendation: I think everyone who is diving/visiting the Visayas should try to make it to Apo Island if they get a chance. PS: Return from Apo was uneventful and was basically the same trip in reverse, only I waited on the national road Malatapay for a little over an hour waiting for a Ceres bus which had available seating, then once in Dumaguete ette I transferred to a bus heading to San Carlos( Negros) and got off at the Maayo Shipping terminal in Tampi where I was a walk on passenger. After making the crossing I simply walked to the road and caught the next Ceres bus to Moalboal (buses are actually marked as heading to Cebu, they just pass through Moalboal). Total cost of the roundtrip fare From Moalboal to Malatapay: 376P per person Total cost of the roundtrip fare from Malatapay to Apo: 1700P per boatload (unfortunately you can’t share with others waiting at the pier unless you agree to return to Malatapay at the same time) "

Roger Carraway

"This is great island i ever seen..i want to get there anytime soon & and want to explore the beach and the nice bretaking view of the island. lOVE THIS SITE....."

Katherine joy Canonigo (Cebu City,Philipines)